St. John Choristers

St. John Choristers is a children's choir for children from third grade through eighth grade that promotes musical literacy and performs quality repertoire with a high level of artistry.

St. John Choristers provides a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment, stressing character-building concepts of honesty, self-reliance, leadership and concern for others. Through personalized attention children are helped to develop and discover real joy in singing, and thereby develop a lifelong love for music.

Musical experiences of St.John Choristers are designed to involve all the musical resources of the children at their individual level. In a sequential manner, principles of ear training, sight singing, musical analysis and artistic performance of music from many varied periods and styles are learned.

Representative composers from all major periods of music history are studied and performed. These include Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century. Corresponding musical style and history of the selections are learned by the children.

The choristers perform monthly in worship services at St. John Ev. Lutheran Church, as well as participating in other events such as the St. John Music Celebration, Advent Lessons and Carols and Lenten Lessons and Carols.

How We Teach

Music is a language which every child has the right to learn. Becoming literate in this language gives the child a constructive means of expressing himself as well as giving the child access to her heritage. We utilize an approach to music known as the Kodály Method. The primary aim of this method is to make every child musically literate by using the folk songs of America. From the folk songs the bridge is made to the classics which establish our musical vocabulary and open the door to our country's musical culture. We teach music using the same techniques used in teaching mathematics and reading. In a simple, sequential way the child learns to read and write in his own language.

Contact and Booking Information
To contact the Choristers for more information or to schedule a performance:

St.John Choristers
305 Circle Ave.
Forest Park, IL 60130